Face & Body Wraps

Our Face & Body Wraps are guaranteed, you'll lose 10 to 30 inches with your first wrap, or it's Free! We firm your face, neck, arms & bust. We reduce your waist hips & thighs & cellulite too! All in 1 hour! You will not sweat or get thirsty because it doesn't dehydrate. Your skin will be soft & smooth & you'll feel lighter & generally energized. Enjoy the sense of well-being it gives you due to the minerals your body needs. It detoxifies, firms, lifts & tones all in just 1 hour!


Spot Wrap *

$ 80.00

Target inch loss, target skin tightening and increase muscle definition.

Base Wrap *


The full body starter wrap. Great for the beginner. (Full body wrap)

Power Energizer *


- Perfect for those wanting to lose a couple inches and add some pep in their step.
(Full body wrap)

Cellulite Fat Blast Wrap *


Great for targeting Thighs, Mid-Section, and Upper arms. Our most popular wrap.
(Full body wrap)

Total Body Lift Wrap *


Complete body tightening, max inch lose. Great for those with loose skin due to rapid
weight loss in the recent past. (Full body wrap)

New Mommy Wrap*


Skin tightening, focused inch lose. (Full body wrap)

Dad Bod Wrap *


Full body inch loss, skin tightening, increase muscle definition. (Full body wrap)

Flat Belly Wrap *


Great for Quick Results! Our most intense wrap available. (Full body wrap)

* Lose 10" - 30" Guaranteed... Includes wraps noted above with (*), consult
specialist for details.
Packages available and customized to help achieve your desired goals. Please consult
with wrap specialist for details

Wrap Add-ons

Extra Shot of proprietary additives


Extra Scoop of proprietary minerals


*All Inch Loss Programs Packages expire in 6 months and are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable unless otherwise approved by management.

Please schedule your wraps once or twice a week so that you may reach your goal.