Face & Body Wraps

Our Face & Body Wraps are guaranteed, you'll lose 10 to 30 inches with your first wrap, or it's Free! We firm your face, neck, arms & bust. We reduce your waist hips & thighs & cellulite too! All in 1 hour! You will not sweat or get thirsty because it doesn't dehydrate. Your skin will be soft & smooth & you'll feel lighter & generally energized. Enjoy the sense of well-being it gives you due to the minerals your body needs. It detoxifies, firms, lifts & tones all in just 1 hour!


Spot Wrap *

$ 80.00

Target inch loss, target skin tightening and increase muscle definition.

Base Wrap *


The full body starter wrap. Great for the beginner. (Full body wrap)

Power Energizer *


- Perfect for those wanting to lose a couple inches and add some pep in their step.
(Full body wrap)

Cellulite Fat Blast Wrap *


Great for targeting Thighs, Mid-Section, and Upper arms. Our most popular wrap.
(Full body wrap)

Total Body Lift Wrap *


Complete body tightening, max inch lose. Great for those with loose skin due to rapid
weight loss in the recent past. (Full body wrap)

New Mommy Wrap*


Skin tightening, focused inch lose. (Full body wrap)

Dad Bod Wrap *


Full body inch loss, skin tightening, increase muscle definition. (Full body wrap)

Flat Belly Wrap *


Great for Quick Results! Our most intense wrap available. (Full body wrap)

* Lose 10" - 30" Guaranteed... Includes wraps noted above with (*), consult
specialist for details.
Packages available and customized to help achieve your desired goals. Please consult
with wrap specialist for details

Face Taping Face Lifts

Non-Surgical Face Lifts & Treatments to firm the face & neck & reduce fine lines & wrinkles. Now you can look younger without the pain of knives or needles.

Face Taping Face Lifts

Anti Aging Face Taping


With face taping, we ask you to come in with no makeup on. We will do a gentle peel to remove surface cells that cause the skin to look dull. Then we use surgical tape to lift the areas of concern, we apply tape to reduce crows feet, frown lines & lip lines. We can even make your lips bigger. We finish with our anti-aging skin care products.

Mini Face Taping GFT


This is a revised version of the original face taping. The taping & wrap technique & solution are the same. The facial has been omitted.

Wrap Add-ons

Extra Shot of proprietary additives


Extra Scoop of proprietary minerals


Inch Loss Packages

3 Wrap Package*

Buy 2 Get 1 1/2 OFF. Lose 10 to 50 inches according to your body size.

5 Wrap Package*

Buy 4 Get 1 FREE. Lose 20 to 70 inches according to your body size

5 Sample Package*


Try a variety. Lose 20 to 100 inches according to your body size. Package includes 1 lipase wrap with followup wrap of 1 of the 4 remaining wraps.

7 Up Package*


Lose 20 to 120 inches according to your body size. 1 of each of our exclusive inch lass face & body wraps. All with the cellulite additive.

*All Inch Loss Programs Packages expire in 6 months and are Non-Transferable & Non-Refundable unless otherwise approved by management.

Please schedule your wraps once or twice a week so that you may reach your goal.